Wenn morgens um halb neun der "Daniel von Microsoft aus Rostock" anruft, sage ich immer:

"Wir haben nur Linux!"

Dann ist das Gespräch schnell beendet ...

Aber ich weiß jedes mal, dass er oder sie in wenigen Wochen wieder anrufen wird.


Endlich! Jetzt bitte nochmal über Dosis-Reduzierung oder "Nur-ein-Pieks" für 12-17 Jährige nachdenken ...

"STIKO-Empfehlung: Unter 30-Jährige sollen nur BioNTech erhalten | tagesschau.de"

This is possibly the dumbest feature of any IDE ever ... 🤯😱😤 "Microsoft defends intrusive dialog in Visual Studio Code that asks if you really trust the code you've been working on • The Register" theregister.com/2021/07/07/vis

WTF!? Ferienhaus in McPomm gebucht und jetzt muss ich zwangsweise die installieren, sonst kann ich dort nicht Urlaub machen!?? Das kann doch nicht richtig sein, oder?

Wow! 😮😎🥳 "Apple drops its cut of App Store revenues from 30% to 15% for some developers – Ars Technica" arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/1

I'm currently working on three MacBooks — two from work, one private — my git-fu is becoming irresistible!!!!1!11!1! 😂

Just written a simple WebRTC video chat — for an old hack like me (C64 era), it always feels like magic: what kind of insane technology you can orchestrate with a couple of lines of JavaScript and a bit of docker nowadays ... 🤯😮🥳

Wow! Local supermarket is basically empty. I wonder if I should really believe the "no worries, there's no shortage"-talk!? The stuff that went missing on last Friday evening is still missing today and more and more shelves are getting emptied.

Guten Morgen ! Da werden sich die Schüler aber freuen, dass das SSL-Zertifikat für die Schul-Cloud vor 104 Tagen abgelaufen ist 🥳🤯😂😉 @hpi_de 😂👍😋

That time of the day/week when the subway sign is just a countdown from 3 to 1 and starting all over again but there's no sign of the real subway ... @BVG_Ubahn

Just amazing how relaxing it is when public transport isn't overcrowded like hell ... once in a while ... 🥳

RT @dhh: "Away has replaced CEO Steph Korey with former Lululemon executive Stuart Haselden, following an investigation ... into the company’s toxic culture", times are changing! Whatever vc twitter says, abusing workers is starting to have consequences. theverge.com/2019/12/9/2100378

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