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Narrativas matemΓ‘ticas Interactivas con
y @julialang

Interactive mathematical storytelling | Gerhard Dorn | PlutoCon 2021

Empezaron las celebrando el primer aΓ±o de estas espectaculares notebooks interactivas en


Pluto for an interactive, online Computational Thinking course

I love you @yunohost

(Sorry, spontaneous reaction after adding a server with 3 domains and Wordpress in under 30 minutes)


Exerpt from troubleshooting instructions of commercial software:

"rm -rf ~/.config"


I question wether installing 1.1 GB of conda packages is the best way to get a recent websockify on ubuntu 18.04, but disk space is cheap and time is expensive πŸ™ƒ

@Rheall personally I suggests people to self host #pleroma because the resources required are less by far. @yunohost is an ideal way to quickly get on the #fediverse : simple server install, web based management and lots of #fediverse software for communities such as @matrix , #writefreely, #pleroma or #Mastodon , #funkwhale, #peertube

"Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime."

-- David Leinweber.

#code #programmer #programminghumor #programmingmemes #fun

succeeded to run a online conference with over 8000 participants with completely ().

Big thanks to the and the team!

Looking forward to , where Royal Military Academy researcher Tristan will be giving a presentation on the use of real time forecasts for CBRN dispersion and response modelling. Demo of his web app included!

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