tried /e/ on my old nexus 5x, unfortnately the battery had a draining issue so i my Pixel3a with works like a charm, for 2 days on 1 charge

half way my try-out-week with my de-googled phone. so far no big issues. question remains: using cloud service by others (a syncroniced calendar is important for us): proton or /e/ foundation , or building my own next-cloud

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

home education: all sums are about spending money, spending money and spending money! non about sharing....

Good deed✅

bringing my COVID-positive plasma to the blood bank for the use on the intensive care

We went to the “ Ed van der Elsken-exhibition” at the Dutch photo museum in Rotterdam, a lovely portrait of the 60s and 70s..... the girls posing just like the vintage shot

Only eight hours of work before the start of the guy-only-road-trip to Italy with my son! But first a “ yummy minute with my beak in the sun”

gaining nerd-points here.... Got an instance myself now...., its for people working in dutch healthcare

got myself the paid (dark theme ftw) version of for .

Its a launcher that does nothing but hiding your apps, except for 3 wisely chosen apps. (for me contacts, spotify and maps)

I've been running the app/launcher for a maximum of 1 hour

do i have a problem?

Zou leuk zijn als de @goedemorgenman weer voor bij zou komen...... dan maar zo:

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Onze nr1 heeft zijn eerste middelbare school dag vandaag! Das wel een TOOT! waard

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I have been considering the ability to hide following/follower counts on pixelfed.

I have noticed that is one of the addicting aspects of social media and I don't want pixelfed to be a platform that encourages addiction. We don't have shareholders to impress and we have a social responsibility to build better alternatives.

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dacht aan de matrix: Liggend in gelei, een valse werkelijkheid voorgeschoteld & jezelf als betaalmiddel voor een "hogere" macht. Vrijwillig stappen we met facebook/insta/twitter/google et al. toch al aardig in de gelei....

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