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I don’t actually know why but I was overcome with the need to make this,


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As a testament to how flexible and powerful KDE Plasma is, Łukasz Sawicki shows you how to create a Unity-like theme using Plasma's desktop scripting API -- yes, Plasma also comes with an easy-to-use desktop scripting API.


This can fix any monday
(even tho it's not monday anymore in most of the world)

Code quest hasn't begun yet and i'm already seeing some awesome improvements

Dalai has added "Move to Collection" to Blender 2.8.


Julian Eisel has been working on a little secret project: a new cross-platform widget toolkit for !


This guy can make a knife with aluminum foil (and pretty much anything else it seems)


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Crazy detail in this render artstation.com/artwork/5xzBE

This is one of the most exciting projects I've seen! A decentralized, federated video site using Bittorrent


I've been experimenting with Dynamic Paint, here's some weird liquid effect I made with it


I can remember many things.

Adding image in is NOT one of them (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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#Blender 2.79 arrive, et pour la première Release Candidate, une jolie splash screen d'#Agent327 🙂


#Blender 2.79 is coming, and for the first Release Candidate, a cool splash screen from #Agent327 🙂