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Diego Gangl @januz@mastodon.social

Also finished for Mirage 3.2: the new diorama modifier. Includes a new height setting, default material and procedural textures. Comes as a separate object parented to the terrain.

Got some optimization done for Mirage 3.2 today. Terrain generation time is down from ~1.10 seconds to ~0.16. Generating a basic terrain feels instantaneous now

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I don’t actually know why but I was overcome with the need to make this,


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As a testament to how flexible and powerful KDE Plasma is, Łukasz Sawicki shows you how to create a Unity-like theme using Plasma's desktop scripting API -- yes, Plasma also comes with an easy-to-use desktop scripting API.


This can fix any monday
(even tho it's not monday anymore in most of the world)

Julian Eisel has been working on a little secret project: a new cross-platform widget toolkit for !


This guy can make a knife with aluminum foil (and pretty much anything else it seems)


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Crazy detail in this render artstation.com/artwork/5xzBE

This is one of the most exciting projects I've seen! A decentralized, federated video site using Bittorrent