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Diego Gangl @januz@mastodon.social

Crazy detail in this render artstation.com/artwork/5xzBE

This is one of the most exciting projects I've seen! A decentralized, federated video site using Bittorrent


I've been experimenting with Dynamic Paint, here's some weird liquid effect I made with it


I can remember many things.

Adding image in is NOT one of them (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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#Blender 2.79 arrive, et pour la première Release Candidate, une jolie splash screen d'#Agent327 🙂


#Blender 2.79 is coming, and for the first Release Candidate, a cool splash screen from #Agent327 🙂


Douglas Rushkoff on the Digital Economy. It's a long talk but a must watch if you remember fondly the early-ish days of the web and it's promises


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Another painting I did in the past. I should try to find the time to do more of these, it's really fun to experiment with diffrent texture brushes!

#art #sketch #doodle #illustration


The Blender Market turns three and it's having a massive anniversary sale! 25% off on +200 products



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Dear everyone in the US. You are already on the metric system. Not even joking. You signed a treaty and everything. youtu.be/SmSJXC6_qQ8

Thanks @TheRealPomax for sharing on Twitter ;-)

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The KDE ev report gives you an idea of how huge the KDE project really is