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Daniel did it again. Such a simple demo but so good that it makes you doubt this is . Amazing.

Props to the Grease Pencil team for leading the next generation of
2D+3D animation pipeline!
Awesome Grease Pencil Textured Brushes demo by @_pepeland_ Brushes available f…

This, fellow condemned souls, is how you **fail** at CGI characters.

Why can't hollywood just do a Roger Rabbit and let them be cartoonish?

Here's the summary of the Blender 2.80 Homestretch! A one-week gathering of developers at the Blender HQ in Amsterdam

The Kdenlive team released the 19.04 "Refactored Edition" version of the popular video editor today. Look forward to automatic audio-video splitting, configurable timeline layouts, different layout modes, and much more in their biggest release ever.

Your daily data leak:

"540 million Facebook users' data exposed by third party developers"

Martin Newell at the University of Utah used a teapot as a reference model in 1975 to create a dataset of mathematical coordinates.

picking beta apps from GNOME Software!! ..this is the best feature EVER!!!

i mean the Flathub beta channel!!

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