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'2020 Nobel Prize for Physics: Black holes and the Milky Way's darkest secret.' -- arxiv.org/abs/2011.06656

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“I’ll never forget my programming teacher who was like a senior dev at IBM and decided he was done writing missile guidance software.
When he was telling us this he said "I just woke up one morning and it struck me that i was a murderer. So I quit."”


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paper of the day (by @HilaCodes@twitter.com et al): extending the REPL (read-eval-print loop) to the RESL (read-eval-synth loop) as an interaction paradigm for human-in-the-loop program synthesis cseweb.ucsd.edu/~hpeleg/resl-o

🐦🔗: twitter.com/maxkreminski/statu

and so it begins... 'YouTube-DL repository taken down from GitHub by RIAA due to DMCA request' -- github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl

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"We moved to GitHub because everyone's already there"

"We shut down the mailing lists because most of our users prefer to use GitLab in their web browser"

"We're rewriting in Rust because we don't really have any non-x86_64 users"

"We're leaving IRC because Discord is more user-friendly"

What all of these arguments have in common is that they exclude people, centralize infrastructure, and eschew free software for proprietary solutions, all in the name of some ill-defined measure of "progress".

'[Haskell-cafe] Release a book about math and programming in Haskell' -- github.com/liuxinyu95/unplugge

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Someone should bring back the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator, a British proto-GPS invention from the early days of the automobile, and market it to retrogrouch gravel cyclists #MastoBikes


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This is what I mean when I say Goblins is a distributed programming system: here we have something that *looks* like a network program, but the person writing it doesn't have to think about the network pretty much at all. It just looks like normal programming. Which meant that with no changes, the program I wrote to run in one process locally also worked spanning across machines over the network (over Tor onion services even!).

That's *powerful*.

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I've just released #emacs #orgmode 9.3.8, a bugfix release.


Org 9.4 will be released soon, stay tuned.

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"error: expected 1, got 1"

well what the heck am I supposed to do with that, you silly computer

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People, young and old, came to the witch for directions.
"I seek adventure."
"I seek wisdom."
"I need a place to feel at home."
"I feel like I need to cry, but I can't."
The witch listened, and told all where to find what they sought.
And the local library thrived.

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