oh hey, found one of the feeding frenzy videos. got some closer up ones later that week, I'll see if I can find em sometime. (sound on)


those were just lifted from my dormant IG, but maybe I'll break into the archives and see if I can find the feeding frenzy photos from when huge masses of pelagic crabs washed into the Monterey Bay and the birds went full Hitchcock eating them, or the teenage whale showing off for the crowd on the bluffs, or the endless perfect unbroken waves breaking in huge columns of mist, tinged with rainbow from the sunlight shining through. man, I wish that place had worked out

deep into planning a relocation out of California, and a year and two days since our doggo passed. I just keep looking at our pictures from when we lived near Monterey and wishing the wildfires weren't a thing. or the unbearable allergies. or the crushing sense of isolation between the townies and the tourists and the military/CIA/FBI types. taking the dog for a walk and seeing whales, seals, otters, cormorants, pelicans, endless waves breaking over the rocks...it's the one part of CA I'll miss

US gov't now claims we're at 1 million dead from covid in ~2 years abcnews.go.com/Health/unthinka

This is very likely a dramatic underestimate.

For comparison, total military dead, all US wars from 1775 to 2019: 1,354,664


email newsletters are turning out to be so much better than following organizations on social media

And here are two runs of Story2Hallucination based off of William Wordsworth's "I wandered lonely as a cloud" poem.


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I love xargs. Just cleaned up stale phabricator review branches (all prefixed with "phab-") with a tidy one-liner:

`git branch | rg "phab" | xargs git branch -D`

starting to cobble together an indieweb POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) setup, suggestions welcome. Currently looking at indieweb.org/POSSE indieweb.org/Mastodon


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