i've just switched my keyboard on android to . i have to get used to it

btw, i gave up with . it simply doesn't work good enough.

@jartigag it's rather good, lots to tweak and has good terminal support, down sides, can only handle single lang at a time, Gboard does do that better..

@acesabe ah ok, you mean without switching manually, don't you?
i don't find it as an inconvenience, since it's easy to switch it quickly

@jartigag yeah, ideally there would be no need to switch lang/layouts and just use one layout for all but spell checker has other ideas!

@jartigag I have tried several times but I cannot get used to it. The prediction has always been *abysmal* for me, immensely frustrating.

Also, not having swipe is really annoying for me.

Do report back on your experience 🙂

Totally agree. I use hindic keyboard, and like simple leyboard. Like the meme with the guy and thetwo girls

@jartigag really like it in manybways but dobfind the spellcheck with multilang annoyingband of did ibmention the space barbtoosmall?? Lol

@acesabe all that's true. the spellcheck didn't work fine in my case.
some weeks after, i still lost much more time typing than before, so.. that keyboard wasn't for me 😁

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