@yabirgb i know that's not the best channel to report, but it's faster and in this case it's probably because some stupid issue caused by my fault. in the future, i'll report on github when i know what i'm talking about 😂

i've just gitcloned .

i installed the dependencies running ``, then `pip install [nextMissingLib]` (repeating this step) and lastly dumping it to a "requeriments.txt" file (i saw the "Pipfile" too late 😅)

now it says this. what seems to be wrong?

@jartigag Did you follow this guide? You need to setup postgresql and redis. Then create the db. I believe that is what is failing

@yabirgb i'll try to fix it reading the guide. if it gets complicated, i'll restart following it 😁


@jartigag It might bee too that the peewee version (the orm I use) is too old. I've fixed it to version 3.7.0 which is a quite old but stable en ought to work with the async module

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