how could my laptop's hostname be? it currently is "debian".. 🤔 suggerences welcome:)

pd: it's a serious topic! there are some recommendations about it and even a rfc! 😂

"RFC 1178 - Chossing a Name for Your Computer"


i decided to use rockstars' names. let me introduce you to my laptop, renamed as "kcobain".

i chose it because this computer (slimbook *C*lassic) was promising, but i'm afraid it will die young.

first problem of this new naming system: do you know any rockstar whose name beggin by N? 🤔 (i discarded neil young)
maybe just a musician, not necessarily rocker

a few days after, the rockstars hostnames naming system doesn't convince me..
i tried to choose names with the same initial as the brand of the computer, something to remember easily, but it's confusing. "did i choose the name by the first name or the surname?" "why there are so few rockstars starting with this letter??"

so i'm looking for a new naming system 😅 more ideas?

same name-surname as rockstars naming system, you say? nah, i remember the simpsons much better 😁 i may use their quotes on /etc/motd too. even..

All my machines have names from Asterix characters: :gnu:/:linux: is their magic potion and my little town resists always to invaders.

(No sé si se entiende mi inglés macarronico...)

@jartigag Nancy Wilson? Natalie Imbruglia? Teehee. Um, Nino Róta? Noel Gallagher!

@tomasino noel gallagher could be a good choice. is he the good or the bad gallagher brother? 😉

Bands? There is NIN

Nik Kershaw
Nelly Furtado
Natalie Imburglia
Natash Bedingfield

@smallsees i started with rockstars, so i'd like to continue with musicians at least.
i don't listen to any of those.. 😕

Reyes visigodos 😁
Espiritus del Secret of Mana
Personajes de Monty Python
Edificios "importantes" del mundo
Programadoras históricas
Razas de perro/gato/animaes en general

@xrasl me gusta lo de edificios/monumentos! algo simbólico e inanimado.. no lo había pensado

@jartigag Windows 96?? Interesting site in case inspiration fails, British prisons are suggested! Based on actual usage by Macromedia no less!

@xrasl if i stick to the original initial-letter system, that could fit both on an Asus or a Samsung 😁

@jartigag Celestial bodies, for example. I'm sure you can find objects starting with any letter and there are no surnames, so you solve both problems.
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