i've just created a monster 😇:

rm -f /tmp/tmt-winID.wid && konsole --new-tab -e $SHELL -c "echo -ne \"\033]30;tmt ⏱\007\"; python3 ~/ttymetracker/ttymetracker.py ~/logbook -m todo-list" & konsole --new-tab -e $SHELL -c "echo -ne \"\033]30;mdt 🗓\007\"; pandoc ~/logbook/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').md | lynx -stdin"

i'll explain it later

@jartigag Dude...

No need to explain...

I know what it does and...

Oh lord that pandoc piped with lynx...

Oh lord.

@ekaitz_zarraga `tmt` and `mdt` are two aliases i use intensively everyday github.com/jartigag/dotfiles/b, so i'm attaching that to a keyboard shortcut.

along with other script github.com/jartigag/dotfiles/b (attached to a keyboard shortcut too), i easily start them and bring them to front.

and on the way i learnt things and had fun automatizing it. that's the best 😊

@ekaitz_zarraga `pandoc .. | lynx -stdin` gives me colors. colors are useful 🙃

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