Hey, Fediverse!

How's your weekend going?

I'm planning to update my operating systems during the holidays, let's hope I don't destroy everything 😊

@ondiz be careful! i updated my laptop (encrypted disk) to linux 4.19 and now it says:

"Volume group not found, cannot process it"

so now i have to choose to boot "with linux 4.9.0" from grub πŸ˜• i have it pending to solve


@ondiz i wasn't. that was the problem πŸ˜‚ but maybe you should.. πŸ‘»
anyway, that's because of the encryption, and i'll probably have to remake the partition table or something like that.. no idea, but sure it has a solution.
if you don't mess with encrypted disks, i don't think you'll have any trouble

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@jartigag I don't, I'm simple πŸ˜‚

For me the problem is that I always forget how I configured my OS the last time, that's why I have a blog.

@ondiz @jartigag Learning how to use ansible to configure my laptop has reduced my stress levels a lot: now if I don't remember something I can just check the ansible playbook, and mostly importantly whatever happens I know that in a few hours I can go from nothing to a fully configured laptop with everything that I need on it with almost no manual intervention:

* install debian from netinstall with almost no tasksel (ok, this requires some accepting of default values and a couple of personal choices)
* put a public key in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
* run ansible to install everything I need and do all systemwide configuration
* login as my user and run mr checkout to clone all repositories with my projects, data (git-annex) and dotfiles (vcsh) to configure whatever is left to be configured per-user

Up to now I've only done it to configure a new machine / change hard disk, and that was completely stress-free; I guess that in cases that are not planned there would be a bit more stress, but much less than the alternatives.

Of course, this approach only works with a linux machine and in my setup requires being used to use ssh with a key (this is usually a big source of stress when my SO needs to access my data/project repositories :( )

@valhalla One day I'll try something like this, probably just for the sake of playing and learning :D

For the moment, as I only use Emacs, the configuration has been quite pain free.


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