así que con el `man` de y un CSS majo que he encontrado por ahí (, he hecho:

pandoc -o index.html --standalone --toc --css=style.css --metadata=title:"Recetas Mamá" --include-before-body=portada.tag

y me ha salido una web fácilmente navegable e imprimible en pdf! 2x1, mamá! 💃

when did that hashtags on the "getting started" column appear? :mastodon:

i took a quick look at the mastodon releases, but i didn't find anything related

bak_2019_06_21/ -> 18,7GB
bak_2019_06_21.tar.gz -> 5,6GB


i've just tested `git send-email`!

following this quick guide

only been able to do it through gmail's server 😰

need to learn more about email

the main utility of a repo i used in: being notified about security alerts 😂

my desktop after 6 months working here 😇

i need more monitors. many many monitors 😜

has reached v1.0! video-demo included:

"just a simple command-line tool that will help you to track your time and manage your pending and completed tasks, among other things."

prueba de agudeza visual:
qué servicio se ofrece en este cartel que ha aparecido en el portal? 😂

only one to the 100, and i don't feel like doing any of the task on the to-do list 😅

on the newspaper!
scared face, i know 😅😂

coded and shown on that @slimbook, btw. despite all the problems 😉

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