i've just coloured all the tables 😇

don't you feel like memorising all this data?

yeah, me neither.

i haven't played on chess.com for a long time. i've just found a link to it and i decided to play one game of .
i expected more from you, "computer level 2" 😂

i've just added a "replies" section to my posts.

not a commentaries-section, but a replies-on-social-networks-section, beacause i think that's where the commentaries are really made nowadays.

and not an embedded-section, but just a link to the toot/tweet, because nobody should load code from unrequested sites.


@Gargron i accidentally removed some lists from and now i can't remove the columns 😕 what can i do?

@yabirgb i know that's not the best channel to report, but it's faster and in this case it's probably because some stupid issue caused by my fault. in the future, i'll report on github when i know what i'm talking about 😂

i've just gitcloned .

i installed the dependencies running `main.py`, then `pip install [nextMissingLib]` (repeating this step) and lastly dumping it to a "requeriments.txt" file (i saw the "Pipfile" too late 😅)

now it says this. what seems to be wrong?

i spent this sunday helping an old man to walk and not step upon little children

debugging with "hey" "ho" prints. let's go! 🤘

(didn't expect it would be printed on this order, tbh 😲)

what about this graphic tool, merge? it comes with the new version, sublime text 3.2

do anyone of you use some tool like this for merge conflicts? it looks useful 🤔

world order has been restored 🔙😌

the happy end of this story has been possible thanks to this daily task:

$ rsync -a --ignore-existing naudit:/home/javier/logbook/* /home/javi/logbook-naudit/


just a stupid :

i've found what's our smtp server's name 🧔

my student trial will expire soon. i used it to install a year ago and see how much interested people are on my blog.

i know nothing about web metrics, but this seems okay to me 👌 there's someone on the other side reading my posts, that's enough:)

so i'm removing this analytics platform from my site. goodbye piwik-i-mean-matomo! 👋

"a couple of new little changes on another one's code? that's done for today!"

i update almost everyday. so.. wtf has happened today on ?? 😱😂

so nice weekend at puerto de piqueras! countryside and food. lots of food 😋

enfrente de la upna (pamplona) está este cartel. igual lleva mucho tiempo, pero yo no me he fijado hasta hace poco 😂

el caso es que pensé que el reto iba a estar chulo (aunque ni me interesaba el curro :D), pero al final solo hice la primera fase.

así que lo dejo ahí por si puede ser de interés para alguien

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