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sometimes things aren't right at the first attempt. better said.. almost always 😉

some behind-the-scenes:

i think someone recently talked here about this:
"What if I am religiously opposed to using Electron for any and all purposes?"

let's share this friendly reminder :)

today i wrote about , the open-source mobile app sdk by google. how to install it in a minimalist way and get started with a "hello world" 🌍

i couldn't decide on which movie i'm seeing tonight. finally, i chose "taxi driver", this time on o.v. i hope this classic won't fail me 🚖

client + = 💀💀😤

even with a fresh debian installation, removing all kdewallet packages i've found.. 😩

a few days after finishing the battleship game, i found a picture of an (i supposed) imaginary game. i thought it would be could if it had existed..
so i coded it 😉

my first steps on 😊
i was like 8-10 (i don't really remember) when i borrowed a book about visual basic from my town's library.
it was easy to follow the code to make a battleship game and figure out on the way how programming works

last year on college and we haven't seen such a clear " congestion window" diagram like this until now 👏🤷

nonononono, not again.

charger don't make contact on my @slimbook. for the 4th time 😑😑😑😑

let's begin to study "networks&services managing and planning" 🙈

hey! someone with no idea about asking:

how can i use this var inside toot() function? don't know why feedData[i] is always undefined.. 😕

messing with the glasses.

i swear i didn't plan to open the box, but how on earth could this stupid "touch button" work? just a rubber strip without a support point neither sth rigid can't make a lever mechanism, can it?

new stickers covering some scratches on my laptop!
homemade printed 😊

el típico jefe con sus típicas actividades de jefe. "y a twitear" 😂😂

@fanta estoy intentando probar dev_vs_sys :)
creo que he compilado love bien (con las instrucciones del de github), pero lo puedo ejecutar "love ." 😕

so weird!!
we uploaded a new beta to playstore a few hours ago, and some kind of spam registered and requested my objects on the app! 😂😂😂

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