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My @wildernesslabs@twitter.com Meadow board is up and running! Toggling relays from C# code, this is so much happier of a place than C on an ESP32 😍

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People of the internet, while we were sleeping, an amazing woman, Sarah Thomas, completed the first ever FOUR WAY Channel swim, England - France, and back, TWICE. Non stop. In the 150 year history of the sport this has never been attempted let alone completed. Beyond incredible

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I'm looking for research software engineers to come hack on Multicore OCaml with me at @iitmadras@twitter.com. kcsrk.info/ocaml/multicore/job

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My dear colleague @ijrussell@twitter.com wrote a great intro to f#. Just the right mix of practical stuff and getting to know the language softwarepark.cc/blog/2019/9/12

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In all seriousness: I do recommend everyone to use F# for a project. For one, you might actually like it. But more importantly, it makes you think in a slightly different way and that’s always useful. Seeing the same world through a new perspective is a powerful learning tool. twitter.com/k_cieslak/status/1

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This morning, after six years of pouring my life into the mission, the staff, and the creators of @kickstarter@twitter.com, I was fired for organizing a union. They offered me no real reasons, but one month's severance for signing an NDA.

I will not be signing it.

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@JasonImison@twitter.com iOS Goblin Sword is worth every penny if you’re into platformers

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ive been banished to the far corner of the lambda cube

I bought Super Hexagon and Duet game twice (once each on Android and again on iOS). Any mobile games that you thought were worth buying twice?

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SourceLink support in Xamarin.Forms. Mind blown. @JasonImison@twitter.com working extra hard so we can work less hard. blog.verslu.is/xamarin/xamarin

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4.3-pre1 is out! One of the included changes is SourceLink Support, in this post you’ll read why you should care and how to use it l.verslu.is/2LqPZuD

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I'm looking for a new role (.NET/C#), take a look at my blog mattwarren.org to see what I'm interested in and what I've done (DMs are open, any RT's greatly appreciated)

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Fireman Sam has been dropped as a mascot for not being inclusive. I’d have thought it would have been better to get shot of him because all he does is waste the Pontypandy fire station budget rescuing that little shit Norman Price.

Still really happy with my almost 2 year old X. Not really into taking photos and can't see any reason to upgrade.

Waiting for the sleep tracking announcement (even though I have the Pillow app already)

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