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Wasn't allowed to play @HoloLens last night and had dad duties this morning but unboxing is gorgeous design case and packing.

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This is what a broken political system looks like.

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C# developers overuse IEnumerable<T> and underuse IReadOnlyList<T>.

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Property-based testing works really well for encode/decode (roundtrip) properties. Maybe the trick to popularizing PBT is to get more people to write roundtrippable code, like writing a bunch of articles about why transforming btw JSON schemas is useful


Looking for a cheap data only SIM card to buy when I arrive in the US tomorrow.

Any recommendations?

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⚡️McDonald’s to sell all restaurants in Russia.

McDonald’s said on May 16 that it was exiting the country after more than 30 years.

Thanks for the concern Dropbox, but my storage has been at 99% capacity for nearly 10 years and isn't about to fill up.

I recently switched my doctor and now I can no longer access my COVID vaccination status proof :O

I need it by Tuesday

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Do you want to work as Research Engineer on ambitious deep learning projects at Microsoft Research? We are hiring! Apply TODAY:


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BREAKING: The Finnish parliament's defence committee recommends NATO membership

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