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You can measure the speed of light at home using just a microwave and a bar of chocolate!

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What a shame! All the people I sponsor on @GitHub are old white dudes. Do you know young devs from under-represented groups in tech who could use some support?

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My favourite so far is ‘Back Tap’, what’s yours? 🤔

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Please watch Extinction: The Facts on @BBCOne now to learn what the rapid and unprecedented loss of biodiversity means for us in OUR lifetime.

For example, by the 2050s we could see the end to commercial fishing as ocean acidification destroys fish stocks.

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Learn . Or don't, I don't really care.

iggredible/Learn-Vim hubs.ly/H0v71cg0 by @iggredible

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Test your skill with our weekly chess puzzle!

White to move, find the fastest way to win.

Answer will be revealed on Wednesday, 9/16.

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RT if you miss Google Reader.

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Someone over at Mastodon was wondering if it was possible to transmit DSL over a banana. I did not have one at hand, but found an alternative.
I cut one of the two DSL copper strands, in half and pushed it into an apple.

Well, it works. With astonishing high data rates.

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Using Surface Duo as my developer laptop with GitHub code spaces.

10/10 would recommend.


They hired her back this week and gave her a promotion. They are also paying for her qualifications and day release.

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What's the best programming language of all time, and why is it lisp?

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Get started with functional programming using , , & to create amazing native mobile apps through this guest blog by Fabulous maintainer @Tim_Lariviere! msft.it/6016TtPLn

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Sample, empty F# project that can be opened in VS Codespaces or @gitpod.

Powered by @IonideProject


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