RT @DigBoston@twitter.com: In the latest Apparent Horizon, DigBoston's @jasonpramas@twitter.com examines the strategic miscalculation that led to the defeat of the Mass Nurses Association's Question 1 ballot initiative. digboston.com/question-1-the-r

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RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com: Why do I say that? Well... As of June 2017, the Office of Medicare, Hearing and Appeals (OMHA) had 607,402 appeals pending with a current estimated wait time of three years for an Administrative Law Judge to process a provider’s appeal. This is 1.

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RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com: (1) MAJOR UPDATE: Judge Aaron Raff has ruled that this patient will be covered by insurance at a specialized eating disorder hospital in Philadelphia with programming for medical complications from long term eating disorders. Power of journalism. twitter.com/sweetadelinevt/sta

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RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com: Read the original story in @DigBoston@twitter.com + @BINJreports@twitter.com and a special thanks to my editors who listened to me when I said “I think this is an important story.” digboston.com/the-case-for-kat

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justice for Papa Gino’s & D’Angelo workers!

RT @DigBoston@twitter.com In the latest Apparent Horizon, DigBoston's @jasonpramas@twitter.com talks to a former D'Angelo manager about the massive layoff of 1,100 Papa Gino's and D'Angelo employees—last Sunday with no warning—and encourages the workers to organize for redress. digboston.com/pizza-barons-lay

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I guess @MassDPU@twitter.com followed me on Twitter because I’ve been critical of “regulatory capture” in that agency in my column... but I didn’t expect it would move to the UK over some negative press...

and here’s a little appreciation for @chehayebk@twitter.com’s writing...
RT @chehayebk@twitter.com A little appreciation tweet for my writing gurus. Thank you for your support and guidance. @jasonpramas@twitter.com @daniaakkad@twitter.com @annia@twitter.com @LaraJBitar@twitter.com @aaboudiwan@twitter.com

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RT @DigBoston@twitter.com: MAINE EVENT: PAGU MAKES A SUPER FINE LOBSTER ROLL. DigBoston’s Jason Pramas reviews a successful new spin on an old favorite. digboston.com/maine-event-pagu

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sorry to hear that @Felicity_Lingle@twitter.com... but glad you liked the series... all I can add is that people like us have to fight the good fight...
RT @Felicity_Lingle@twitter.com @jasonpramas@twitter.com @DigBoston@twitter.com This piece really hit home!

I lost my job as a substitute teacher after I went deaf, and substitute teachers aren’t eligible for unemployment in MA.

Thanks for covering disability issues!🤟🏼

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RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com: .⁦@britnidlc⁩ talking about writing about sports and gender, and fighting her way into covering the beat as someone who didn’t come down the traditional sports journalism path (and as a woman). At ⁦@spj_newengland⁩ event at ⁦@EmersonCollege⁩

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finished up my series of woe on a relative high note...
RT @DigBoston@twitter.com In the conclusion of this three-part series, DigBoston’s @jasonpramas@twitter.com discusses how his injury on a temp assignment in 1989 led to his turn toward and in the service of people in bad . digboston.com/from-injury-to-a

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RT @Fara1@twitter.com: Some misleading words and phrases that shitty people are using today:

-Mob Rule
-Paid Protesters
-Major Victory

Go ahead and discount anything that people who traffic in this language have to say.

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my latest... and, no, it’s not fun remembering this stuff...
RT @DigBoston@twitter.com DigBoston’s Jason Pramas continues discussing how a job-related changed his life in FROM INJURY TO ACTION: A LABOR DAY REMEMBRANCE (PART II). digboston.com/from-injury-to-a

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my colleague @britnidlc@twitter.com just got a huge honor for her outstanding sports writing... please join me in congratulating her!

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