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RT @DigBoston@twitter.com: STOP BAKER’S ‘MORE SCHOOL AND ’ PLAN: Why the Mass budget surplus is better spent on infrastructure needs. The latest from @jasonpramas@twitter.com. buff.ly/2mqZ8pF

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RT @bill_shaner@twitter.com: What if Elon Musk dreamed up this radical system where we collect a percentage of annual earnings from all citizens worth more than 1 billion dollars to pool and invest in sweeping infrastructure improvements around the country. That would be pretty wild, Elon

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RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com: Students at @Northeastern@twitter.com, protesting a university contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. More later w/ @AP_Boston@twitter.com

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RT @Fredjohnsn@twitter.com: ⁦@jasonpramas⁩ sees right through the 'not-really-Grand Bargain' to the weak BS behind MA Legislature's tax plan. digboston.com/grand-scheme/

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RT @masspirates@twitter.com: Further proof we don’t need the rich and they have nothing to offer to solve our problems medium.com/s/futurehuman/survi

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seriously, we can do it
RT @Fara1@twitter.com What a fucking insult to the few decent repoeters who do work there though that they put 'Herald Staff' on this filth. Can a wealthy person please finally buy the rag and let me and @jasonpramas@twitter.com run it? I guarantee we can double the readership and ad rev in one year. twitter.com/KyleClauss/status/

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when I was a teenager, my friends and I used to dream of this day... but I didn't understand economics very well then...

RT @DigBoston@twitter.com: ‘DON’T MOURN, ORGANIZE!’: Why Janus might actually be good for the American movement. The latest from @jasonpramas@twitter.com. digboston.com/dont-mourn-organ

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RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com: Silveira Paixao hasn’t seen her son Diego since May 24, the morning after she says he had a 103 degee fever.

“It was just the worst moment of my life,” Silveira Paixao said. “I had impression I would never see him again.” Via @AP_Boston@twitter.com


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“hot day is hot, film at 11”
RT @sweetadelinevt@twitter.com Your trusty @AP_Boston@twitter.com reporter here on this hot Sunday. Send me your southern New England tips.

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RT @Fara1@twitter.com: Considering that neither Snapchat nor Instagram 'stories' are actually stories, but rather photos and videos with shit drawn all over them, I've been wondering if the meaning of the word story will actually change, if it hasn't already. For the worse of course.

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