Nowhere in “Humpty Dumpty” does it say he’s an egg

For the first time in nearly 10 years of using Vim daily, I’m finally excited about the way I have completion working.

Chuck Klosterman said in 50 years the only rock musician we remember will be Chuck Berry, but I still think Little Richard will fare better.

Two things I did not anticipate about wearing a mask are (a) Face ID doesn’t work, and (b) you can’t do the “slight smile” thing at strangers as you walk past them or get out of each other’s way in the supermarket. “Mask face” just looks generally peeved I think.

I know there more important things going on right now, and I hope everybody is staying safe out there — but the radio commercial Flo is different from the one on TV. Thanks

I wish there were something as reliable and popular as Zoom that weren’t Zoom.

@grammargirl A coworker of mine just said, "A screw needed replaced in my right wrist." I've heard this construction a few times lately -- where I would say "needed replacing" or "needed to be replaced". Reminds me of when I hear people say "after I'm done this book" as opposed to "done *with* this book". Is there a name for these constructions, or a specific region they're associated with? In Mast, can I choose to always reveal text with content warnings, but not images with sensitive content?


Trump on keeping citizenship questions off the census: “This is part of a broader left-wing effort to erode the rights of the American citizen.”

@Gargron Can I block domains in my personal settings on I don’t see this anywhere.

How is this a “summit” if it’s just a pile of malignant idiots grousing about conspiracy theories in private

What percentage of Mastodon toots are toots about Mastodon

Is there a “weird mastodon” yet

Everybody pasted a green check emoji next to their names so they look verified. :\

Instead it's just: "I tweet on Mastodon. My friend tweets on Blargfarg. But we both follow each other."

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