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Imagine being a general and sending young people off to war for the profit of arms manufacturers and oil companies

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wait the front bottoms are an actual band and not a mastodon meme!?

@jaybeanstalk 😭😭 good sweet Cuttlefish, you are always welcome in my promenade of aquariums and avenue of fine nesting silt 🥰🥰

@lynnesbian yeah it *is* on my laptop it's a version of the "request for cancellation" form that i made now with "australian government" instead of cryptids and i've listed those two toots in the documentation slot.

Netflix prank show where we tell the architects of the Iraq war that they're going to be presented a Medal of Honor but when they get there we try them for war crimes

Just remembered standing at the bar on Friday night and hearing an American girl say to her friends ‘something I’ve learned about Scottish people... they really like Dolly Parton’ and I was tempted to swing round and say ‘Dolly Parton is a FUCKIN ANGEL, IS THERE A PROBLEM HERE’

absolutely fascinated by this administration that seems to be aware that the US orchestrated coups or faked attacks to justify wars in the past but have honestly no idea how to do it themselves

dont even think about sliding into my dms unless youre willing to read the conquest of bread to me in the original french

Ive moved instances so now I can be snooty about .social users

oh shit this cat is not sounding better with the cortisone
this is bad

hmm apparently theres just some doctors who are normal doctors who go to medical school but also learn some weird alternative stuff
but literally they're the same

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