What I've learned from my partner occasionally borrowing my jewellery is that more dudes should wear really bold pendants. It looks pretty good against a well-considered sweater.

New 2019 goals: Creative masc accessorizing.

My nans house has hidden rooms ive never been in

@cambrian_era their music sucks ass and i recently found out the whole Lore aspect of them sucks too

but dont tell @evan or youll get a 20 page dissertation, which still isnt as long as one of their album titles

me when a cis person says something bad: fuck off
me when a trans person says something bad: i support you, but fuck off

Cis boys yeah. Trans isn’t a gender. Ur still a moron even with these clarifications.

Weeg. I’m sorry. I’m angry about cis ignorance today. Or cisgnorance as I like to call it.

@Lumb this is only for boys. all trans, girl, and enby heights are valid

anyone 5’10” and under is a manlet. anyone over 6’ is a disgusting freak of nature. 5’11” is the height chosen by God and the only people who’ll be allowed into Heaven.


everyone asking Who's The Boss?

nobody asking how's the boss.

one dude asking "why is the boss," but he just wants to hand out socialist literature.

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the year is 2100. Firefox 29184 introduces a new feature wherein a dedicated team of hackers from Mozilla will hack into a website and delete all your personal data from it when you select it from the menu

@MrJimmy @Louisa god i feel for the guy. So many days following around my crushes at school ugh.

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