Despite the negativity of the past few posts, ive actually had a very good and inspiring weekend

Thought i looked good today and then i saw a pic someone took of me and i was like oh rite im ugly lol its not even 930 am

Would love to attend a Q&A where no audience member decides that they actually have more of a comment than a question

i used to like that show and i swear to god i will never voluntarily watch it again

the worst part is when i have a bad day, i can't even look forward to going home because my roommate will have his trash all over the kitchen and be playing bobs burgers at the maximum possible volume

Is there a way i can talk about crossfit without sounding obnoxious?

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Anyone else getting a ton of spam here on mastodon

Earnestly trying to figure out where I could emigrate to

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Joke. Man doctor. Man sad sad sad. Doctor "great clown cure." Man clown. End

Tfw as a junior dev yr caught between a coding style disagreement between two seniors and they keep asking why you made a change but it’s because the other sr asked you to make the change and you have to defend someone else’s style choice

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So far I find Mastodon to be an interesting corner of the Internet to peer into. But is it better or different from Facebook or Twitter besides not being owned by FB/TW?

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wednesday sure is the monday of saturday's am i fucking right folks

I had a really good day today so it’s a goddamn shame that I have to end it by asking a grown man of 31 years to keep it down at 3 am and not urinate in the goddamn kitchen sink

what if i said the only good cop was rubocop

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