OK tooting about the platform makes for bad content BUT

im just curious about how this compares to fritter through a dat protocol. this isnt p2p, but its (relatively) decentralized.... is this the happy medium that Fritter cant offer?

@jaybeekeeper nothing is perfect but we are trying! ;) for full p2p experience someone prefers scuttlebutt: it's very interesting but has some drawbacks for me (lack of ephemerality, ip exposure)..

It's a hard puzzle to solve for sure - balancing security and ease of access with the inherent drawbacks - what turned a friend off of scuttlebutt was that it was tied to one specific machine - but that comes with the territory sometimes?

@jaybeekeeper yeah that can be a factor too.. I actually use it from 2 machines with the same identity but I cannot say it's super-smooth...

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