Weird Terms We All Forget Are Weird, No. 482: "King Size". Are kings larger than other people? Are they hungrier? Maybe there's a king somewhere that just ate lunch and he's all like, "You know what? I'm more feeling the 'fun size' right now." Can we deny him? He is, after all, the king.

Weird Terms We All Forget Are Weird, No. 483: "Fun size"…

@jaybill Yeah, if they're going to needlessly gender it anyway, where are the other completely random royal/gentry sizes? Prince, Duke, Lady, Princess, and Mad Arch Bishop? :\

Tangentially, "Fun Size" is the least fun size of all. Whoever named that was a marketer through and through.

@clover "Duchess Size" cracks me up for some reason. I just imagine a plump woman in regal Victorian garb perched on a velvet tuffet with a little plate of peanut butter cups and tongs.

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