My favorite chillhop song is every single chillhop song ever made because they are all 100% identical and produced in the basement of a convenience store in Osaka by a ten year old semi-sentient Vaio laptop.

In Oregon we don't really have good bagels. Whenever I visit, bagels are an important priority.

My jam is the salt bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese.

Sometimes I'm not sure it's good that I can get the answer to literally anything I can think to ask.

Bitmojis don't generally look like the person that made them, but they speak *volumes* about how that person perceives themselves. 

Of COURSE I have an example.

So *apparently* this device is called an "SD card" and not a "crambert".

The image below contains:

⚪ Sega Genesis Controllers

⚪ Klingon Birds of Prey

⚪ Nokia N-Gages

Who buys standalone full-sized Mr. Goodbars and what led you to choose such a terrible and lonely path through life?

"While T-Rex's arms would have been useless for walking or grasping prey, they are ideally suited for holding an Xbox controller. It's now generally believed that it spent the majority of its leisure time pwning n00bz on Rocket League."

"Thursday's forecast is a 40% chance of goddamn anything, because climate change broke all our weather prediction models and we literally cannot tell you if you're going to get two feet of snow, a light rain or hot donuts falling from the sky until it's actually happening."

The Witcher (2020 series): Big Emo Legolas spends 80% of each episode shirtless near a fire speaking in a low, tortured voice to the nearest available woman. The remaining 20% is carefully edited outtakes of Game of Thrones CGI.

Whenever humanity's behavior makes no sense, remember that we share 50% of our DNA with cabbages.

Also, I would most certainly vote for a cabbage before I voted for a Republican.

Weird Terms We All Forget Are Weird, No. 482: "King Size". Are kings larger than other people? Are they hungrier? Maybe there's a king somewhere that just ate lunch and he's all like, "You know what? I'm more feeling the 'fun size' right now." Can we deny him? He is, after all, the king.

Weird Terms We All Forget Are Weird, No. 483: "Fun size"…

There is no package of toilet paper that doesn't claim to be way more toilet paper than it is. Maybe toilet paper should just be itself, people would like it more.

Today my wife bids farewell to her durable but impractical Panasonic Toughbook (her students dubbed it "Battle Bot") and hello to her new (refurbished) ThinkPad X201. These things are reliable, cheap and my personal favorite laptops of all time.

It's 9 years old, but refurbished it looks brand new. Filled with RAM and a new SSD, it runs Pop!_OS like a champ and rivals any recent midrange laptop. Hopefully it will stand up reasonably well to the abuse it's got coming. 😬 2/2

Christmas 2017, when I got my new Rebel Alliance sweatshirt. Oh, and that 1980 Mercedes 300D.

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