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I am a one issue voter and I am working on that issue with my therapist and she says I am making good progress.

When the rest of my family goes out to do stuff, it's time to make punishingly spicy noodles.

I keep all my recipes in Plan To Eat. It basically lets you clip _just the recipe_ from a webpage and then stores it for you on their site. I think it's like $3/mo or something. Not a paid endorsement or anything, I just super like this thing.

I updated my stupid, stupid website. I removed the blog until I can figure out what the hell I want to talk about.

If you time traveled back to 1998, which of the following true statements would make you sound the most insane:

⚪ I am time traveler from 2020.

🔘 Donald Trump becomes president, gets impeached, and then uses a robot plane to start World War 3.

⚪ The Simpsons is still on.

Who knew shaving one's head could be such a rewarding hobby?

Now when I toot I also tweet!



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