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Not gonna lie, tonight's good mood is courtesy of (two beers from) a convenience store six-pack.

Dear self: Kitties are adorable! And they make gross stinky poos that permeate your entire tiny apartment. And they cost you a 300.00 deposit. And they get sad when you're gone too long for work (as you often are) and then you have guilt. NO KITTIES.

Somebody posted an adorable tuxedo kitty wanting a home on FB and I literally had to talk myself out of it.

I feel like if I say "I am just done with men right now," the actual good men in my life will understand, and the ones who will wail with horror are the ones I need to be done with. So: I am just done with men right now.

Is this where we come to talk about things that are not the world burning down I could use that today

Living in the hellscape 

Wrote long post, deleted it. Sharing the black despair goo inside me isn't going to help anyone.

If orientation was chosen would there be any straight women left


Even the thought of caring about another dude the way I once supported/thought about my ex just exhausts me. I may have to just stay single forever, I am too TIRED for any more supporting of any dude.


I'm so happy I dumped my ex and also mad at him for making it necessary. UGH. I'm at a weird stage where I'm just disgusted by the whole ordeal, just pissy and cranky that any of it happened. I assume I will have more mature thoughts at some point, but right now I am just rolling my eyes and making faces like a teenager when he comes up.

In college: No one can stop me from stating up all night!!!

In adulthood: No one better stop me from crawling into bed by 10 or I will cut them

There are two medical things Star Trek gets really wrong: that humans wouldn't have solved balding, and that any woman would push out a baby instead of transporting it out.

Fake hair 

Got my wig, been wearing it around the house, taking selfies, getting used to it. it looked SO WEIRD at first... because I'm so used to my sad thin hair. I'm going to a wig stylist this weekend to get the bangs trimmed and then I'm wearing it to work Monday. I'm kinda scared that people will notice.

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One of the funniest things ever on ds9 is when Tom Riker is posing as Will Riker and the Big Reveal is him ripping of his sideburns. Someone pitched that idea and everyone in the writers' room was like yeah, that doesn't sound silly at all the audience will totally be like "OMG fake sideburns? That means he's evil." And so they wrote it and filmed it and put it on their show like it wasn't hilarious

I CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE TO IMPRESS YOU is way more pressure than anyone needs in a relationship.

S1E1 of new Queer Eye makes me uncomfortable because the dude is SO intent on winning back his ex, that I started to wonder if she should be running from his vortex of emotional need.

Me from 8am-now: Food? Eh.
Me now: SO HUNGRY.

Went to see House with a Clock in its Walls. Jack Black was very Jack Black-y but that's tolerable. It was an interesting little movie, not as scary as it could be but probably ok for the younger set.

I fucking love sleep, why do I have to drug my body into doing it????

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Tomorrow my new hair arrives and also my houseguest is making me chili. I win this week.

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