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Jaycie @jaycie@mastodon.social

I have seen a management team interpret "divide and conquer" to mean "divide your engineers across every area of the project's functionality in order to conquer it all at once."

Y'know, literally the opposite of how that strategy works.

@soft_chomps Moments like that are one reason why I'm willing to believe that "You're doing agile/etc. wrong" isn't necessarily (though still sometimes) a No True Scotsman fallacy in action.

@jaycie see also: my last job’s interpretation of SAFe. It was a confusing tire fire.

@fluffy Oye.

What's SAFe? Sounds just familiar enough that I'm afraid to ask.

@jaycie it’s billed as the new Agile. Scaled Agile Framework. Yet another pile of corporate training snake oil that gives appealing sound bites to managers.

@fluffy Just that name makes me feel slightly ill. I'm sorry.

@jaycie If you want to feel even worse, in addition to "stories" and "epics" they add "guilds" and "value streams."

@jaycie Oh and of course the acronym being SAFe from "Scaled Agile FramEwork" just gives me hives.