So I used to get a veritable mountain of free mulch (do recommend, got it within a week of signing up). I was digging it out today and spreading it around and the middle of the pile was so warm from composting that I wanted to crawl inside and hibernate for the winter.

Also did a dry brine in the fridge. Shooooould be interesting.

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FYI i totes spatchcocked it. THE COCK IS SPATCHED. ALERT ALERT.

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I am dorkily excited to make thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Just nibbling on the giblets tonight as I made turkey stock got me hyped

doing a bad job of functiona adult today. Pain meds actually worked this morning and I ended up sleeping past noon, woopsie daisy.

Also debating with myself if I want to roast the turkey whole or spatchcock it. Not entirely uninfluenced by how silly a word spatchcock is.

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I'm currently debating with myself making the gravy ahead of time or waiting and making it out of pan drippings...

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Thanksgiving plan right now is to make all the wet, non-baked things ahead of time, and then just hold them in a sous-vide bath of about 100 degrees until serving time.

today's thanksgiving prep: making cranberry sauce in the microwave (exceedingly easy and effective!), and steaming eggs in the pressure cooker (first batch was perfect, second batch WOULD NOT COOK ALL THE WAY THROUGH WTF)

Green tea and honey latte <3 learning to make lattes in the freaking microwave has been the best thing to happen to me in a long while.

Also finished compiling my thanksgiving itinerary. Might take Smol Child out grocery shopping.

and finished (hopefully, waiting to hear back if I have to make edits) a small commission "d20 fortune cookie"

Productive food morning: made a vanilla ice cream base for an ice cream cake, used the egg whites to make macarons (, made the dough for naan, steamed sweet potatoes for my breakfast.

So uh hmm. Do I buy a reasonable amount of garlic for thanksgiving or do I go to the food service store and buy a LITERAL BUCKET of peeled garlic cloves hmm hmm

currently looking for decent reference to draw a d20 fortune cookie but so many of these just look like...butts or vulvas.

Like, I was expecting the taste/texture to be like home fries, but it was DEFINITELY its own thing. So weird and new.

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Tried out these "smashed potatoes" tonight. That was...super weird. Delicious, but weird. They end up crispy fried on the outside but extra super-creamy in the middle. Like...fried mashed potatoes somehow.

Putting on a coat so I can eat ice cream comfortably in winter

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