The test, says Thompson, would be to “go ask the Afghan feminists… and listen to what they say.” This is the best article on feminist theory that I have read in a long time.
Towards a real feminist foreign policy - Prospect Magazine

I'm putting the finishing touches on my next sci-fi space-opera novel, "Calypso, Girl of Crystal City", which weighs in at 50,000 words! Expect its release well before the end of August.

The image is "Dream Book" by Alice Pike Barney.

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I took on a journalist. The BSA asked me to not post this on my blog until they made the decision public on their website: BELL & WOLTERS AND NZME RADIO LTD - 2021-036 (21 JULY 2021) BSA Complaint re Mike Hosking, decision made by Judge Will Hastings and other members of the board. dissociatonwithjazzybell.wordp via @jazzybellx7 I stopped watching the show and floated off into the music. I may never come back again.

Best ever essay on why we as women who have been abused have to push through the shame and keep writing. They don't want us to write, which is exactly why we have to.
Shame heaps upon shame in women’s memoirs of suffering | Aeon Essays

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