@plexus So what ever happened with Matrix? Love that this seems to be gaining momentum, but I'm concerned that the technical underpinnings are...lacking? (i.e. Is there an official spec for federation if I want to build my own server?) Matrix seemed to have a much sounder footing there, and be useful for a wider range of applications...

Biggest issue I have with Mastodon so far: not keeping track of last read "toot"(?). I tend to be a completionist and have been using Tweet marker with Twitterific to keep mobile and desktop clients in sync. Second biggest issue: why can't I resize the columns on this web UI? :-(

Well, I just followed someone on a different server. Federation FTW!(?)

I think it's crucial for that the platform/protocol needs a way to smoothly change instances while keeping your followers, to let people migrate out into smaller/more specific instances without friction. That would do a lot to help keep the federation as a whole healthy.


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