Could someone fix the state of authentication on the world wide web in the twenty-first century please? It's been broken for over twenty-five years. It's time.

@djsundog Do you mean like stop requiring so much authentication? There's too much.

@Jason_Dodd I mean give end users an easy-to-use and easy-to-keep-private way to log in to arbitrary web services without requiring them to choose to either register yet another set of (hopefully) unique credentials, re-use a silo's authentication, acquire additional hardware, or be technical enough to run their own authentication services. Basically I'm just being grumpy because I'm adding auth to a thing, again.

@Jason_Dodd @jankoekepan @djsundog Seems like we still need "Really Simple Auth". OpenID was nearly there but the implementations were still too complicated.

One of the big problems was that OpenID helped you create a new profile and subsequently log into it. But you still had to populate the profile in the new system and find all your friends. We needed decentralised profiles and social graphs as well.


@Jason_Dodd @jankoekepan @djsundog Probably a good time to note again that knowledge of ID is not the same as authentication. See Social Security Numbers and Bank account numbers.

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