Years ago I got an ASUS eeePC 901 and hacked a copy of WinXP onto it. Yesterday I fired it up and it goes to 50% CPU with no visibly active processes in task manager, only when the network is running and it can see the internet. So that's almost certainly a virus with no way of fixing it. I can't think of any easy way to load Win10 and can't really be bothered when the machine is dog slow anyway.

Time to burn it with fire I think, before it does any harm.


I'll be a bit sad to see it go as it got used to do Sysadmin fixes on the Ecademy website from the Barcelona MotoGP paddock and from Glastonbury. And it was tastefully customised with Hello Kitty stickers.

[1] Chris once poured whisky over it at a pre-xmas or new year's eve party, but it survived.

ps. It still runs various linux distros with no problem.

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