Real fucking cyberpunk isn't an overpaid security guard with more toys than a personal best buy. THIS is. Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet


@Birdmachine everything old is new again. Fidonet?

Remember ideas of wifi community usenet servers. Raspberrry pi. bit of storage, battery, solar power. Or the linux computer in a power wall wart. Just plug it into a socket in a janitor's cupboard and walk away.

Remember throwies? Ecologically unsound but fun little packages of magnet, battery, led[1]. These things should have some IoT smarts by now.

Throwies really needed a joule thief circuit and a timer. Years of once a minute flashes.

@jbond @Birdmachine

Old tech still very much valuable. Pakistan is being shutdown again, phones still work so dialup has a lot of value. Dunno if anyone still running modembanks though.

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