What if,
- The Skripals were poisoned with BZ
- The samples given to the OPCW were BZ forensic remnants mixed with pure A234 Novichok
- There was a typical day in a Syria ER after a bomb attack mixed in with one person causing panic by shouting "CW!" followed by some staged interviews.
- And on the basis of that dodgy evidence, UK-USA bombed a sovereign state without any UN Charter, Security Council Resolution, international treaty or agreement of any kind which justifies this action.

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@jbond Because for those of us with anxiety/depression, confronting political happenings is often a short trip to hopelessness and despondency. CWing allows us to engage and interact with that content on our terms, without requiring much effort on the poster's part :)

@jbond Additionally, your un-CWed political posts are going to show up in both Local and Federated.

Probably just easier to CW, but what do I know eh? 🙄

@karyl I'm unable to judge what posts are likely to trigger other people. So perhaps we should CW everything?

I do try to be polite and avoid obvious hate speech but that's just common decency. And I do find it somewhat bizarre that commenting on major public events that are all over the media is somehow likely to trigger vulnerable people.

Local and Federated feeds are useless and uncensored. If you pay attention to them, that's your problem.

@karyl I have no problem with using CW for porn or images and expect it. Political text, not so much.

@karyl If we're going to have a convention to use CW more liberally to avoid causing unintentional offence, can I please have a technical solution to auto-Un-CW everything. Because I find CW a pain in the neck.

@jbond @karyl I have this personal hope that this will be an extension of the personal word mute function eventually.

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