@zenhob @mperham I keep waiting for a social network that allows us to post content into subsets of subjects and people can opt in or out of subjects. Sort of like the inverse of google+'s notion of circles. So instead of cw: politics, you'd just post to your politics subject

Not sure if I'm joking: Mastodon should have Stories

cw: pun 

Really hope there's a mastodon instance for tops called mastodom

send toot

Maybe I'll be more of an ultra runner on here than I am on the bird site

@jonathansampson if there's brave and braVR, what will braveST be? ChromeOS-style thin client, Brave Simple Terminal?

@dadegroot Yep, understood. I still spell color as "colour" sometimes because ggplot2 was written by a kiwi. I'm sure complete i18n will happen at some point and smooth over the minor differences between en-us and en-gb

Is it a status or a toot? Do you toot a status? I really think the notification should be "someone boosted your toot."

Also, are we not localized yet? I'm pretty sure "favourited" is not en-us.

@postpunkjustin Is federation necessarily inclusive? It seems like it would be easy to block/exclude anyone from an unfriendly instance

I wonder how this will fare compared to ello, which also seemed like it was taking off for a hot minute

@davidcelis amaroq seems comparable to early twitter clients in terms of polish. Maybe they'll get there?

@nerflad I think I answered my own question: I looked at the introductions hashtag and found posts from other instances. I'm curious how that works (and how it will scale)

Gonna start this out by pointing out the elephant in the room


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