"We built a company with 50 people that practiced these principles as _a competitive advantage_." 🤯😍

"We didn't kill a company practicing these three principles, we built a company practicing these three principles." MBW


Amazingly powerful words. A place I can't go work for now, but I want to in the future.

Got a query this morning from DHS, asking about buying Sidekiq Enterprise.

My response:

"I can't morally justify selling to or supporting the DHS in any way, not while your organization is separating families and locking up kids."

This is a perfect example of a user being delighted!

I got to my laptop and was not only looking at the correct page, but because Discourse changes the URL as you scroll down, I was looking at the correct post!

Lemme tell you about a very pleasant experience I just had with Firefox and Discourse: I was reading a discussion on the Elixir forum on my phone and I wanted to finish reading it on my laptop.

I think I've stumbled upon Google's last non-Material Designed property.

Finally got a MR merged! gitlab.com/inko-lang/inko/merg

Inko is a young but promising language. I really like the design of the lang itself.

Pretty cool when you spend 5 minutes to make something between 10-100x faster. Optimizing Faktory's Web UI dashboard:


What a surprise to see Switchboard in last month's Southwest magazine!

I'm going to start a cult where we worship The Coming of WASM to save our damned souls. 🙏

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