I’ve moved over to jcbl@knzk.me if you want to keep following me 😊

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hey team! I'm on occult.camp now. If you cant get enough jokes about satan and brokeback mountain gifs, follow me there! occult.camp/@DickieGreenleaf

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Every bird signing on a power line is horny on main send toot

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South Carolina prisons; extreme weather; the state is fucked up; evacuations; fuck Gov McMaster 


SC officials won’t evacuate prison despite mandatory order ahead of hurricane

Nearly 1000 people, incarcerated people, will not be evacuated. The state kills.

my cat is playing this game where she runs off and hides and comes back with dirt all over her face and it's driving me mad!! where does she go?? no one knows@!

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I'm involved in an app called Wobbly that will help workers to mobilize according to #IWW principles.

The founder @KingMob has himself been a Deliveroo courier, and his experiences sparked the idea for the app.

We seek to make the app into a multistakeholder coop when it's launched.

Everyone is welcome to join our discord group (discord.gg/kZaXpu), also feel free to message me.

We're looking for a #graphicdesigner, so please retoot!

Here's an article about it:

i stole this from tumblr but only bc it’s so correct

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City of London's gender survey closes soon - help defy the TERFs 

The City of London Corporation's survey on gender identity closes soon, on Sep 14:


If you're trans, or are an ally, please take a few minutes to complete this, if you're in a position to do so, and help offset the TERFs' responses.

The Corporation is responsible for a variety of London spaces, including the Barbican and Hampstead Heath - their future policy will affect many.

ugh, my car won't start and i'm supposed to be over at a friends for dnd tonight. worst timeline

dsa; being petty af 

So my chapter made a new website and it's 15MB, takes 27s to load, and doesn't cache static content. The old website (that I built) is 148kb, takes 0.758s to load, and caches everything. Just sayin'.

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mastodon is what i wanted twitter to be and what i needed tumblr to be

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fediverse/mastodon drama 

p.s. “#nobot” is a shitty thing to ask people to have to put in their bio; here’s an idea, how about do not fucking make robots which interact with people who haven’t first interacted with the bot, for fuck’s sake

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musk has to be first in line for the slicey boi bc otherwise u know he’d just stand there screaming new guillotine design pitches at us

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GoFundMe, deportation to the Philippines 

Please support Nic Lopez, who is being deported to the Philippines tonight, after 29 years of incarceration in the so-called US. He needs all the support he can get to help rebuild his life in the Philippines, a place he has not been to since the age of 11.


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