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Predicting how new meaning emerges might improve natural language processing systems. This is a really cool study on how humans have developed metaphors over a millenia goo.gl/HPb3hJ -

Good read about the way overcame a variety of difficulties creating the new Queensferry Crossing bridge in Scotland goo.gl/3Ze8u8

Some context on knowledge management supporting AI techniques goo.gl/SqiTzi -- this blog post is pretty generalized but gives some useful considerations.

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“When the scoop is open, a jaywalker simply can’t get run over, and sometimes that’s more than he deserves.”


A 1930s contraption for catching pedestrians instead of running them over, apparently a topic of innovation in the 1920s and 30s.

Smart cities: India's ambitious plans are critiqued in this article goo.gl/tZNGrw - complex issues to figure out.

Trying to focus? A study shows that having a smartphone present (on or off) disrupts your attention from other activities. goo.gl/Jb9dJm

Examples on how makerspaces & Linux help cultivate communities goo.gl/oUnzWf

I like the mission of this new W3C Publishing Working Group aiming to make Web publishing able with respect to "...accessibility, usability, portability, distribution, archiving, offline access, and cross-referencing."

Plastic bags whet wax worms' appetities goo.gl/Zt1nJk - researchers found that the worms can digest polyethylene, which could lead to great new ways to deal with our overabundance of plastic.