@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks would you consider having an organizer of the sustainoss.org event to talk about open source sustainability? Pia would be a great choice twitter.com/piamancini

Had a nice little chat with @adamstac and @jerodsanto about Sustaining Software t.co/sLYqUmWvE5 via @changelog

Mikeal on how to build sustainable #opensource --

"The title of 'Maintainer' is reserved for those already engaged in the project. 'Community' refers to a project’s entire ecosystem, including its users. Solutions to sustainability that are not anchored to the community can’t scale along with a project’s adoption."


fony, a simple command line tool for generating dummy data from a template string: t.co/Yk1Bc08thw

RMS is full of puns "Internet of Stings" & "NetFucks" 😂 😹

After listening to the recent RMS interview with @BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks I think he might be interested in joining Mastodon or at least talking to @TheAdmin ?

cc: @johns

youtu.be/S0y0oXU8YNk?t=40m45s mastodon.social/media/8EFHcCwW

Work at the FSF! We're accepting applications for Outreach & Communications Coordinator https://u.fsf.org/251
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