My worst enemy is the scheduling things. Not the actual schedule, but the things that happen between scheduling an event and the event.

Current status:

Slack for work.
WhatsApp for former college classmates and some friends.
Telegram for a new seminar.
Messages for familly and more fiends.

Can we return to plain old email?

Setting in a garage sale for tomorrow. The question is if I should sell my Parrot Bebop 2 drone with compleye FPV set?

The Pro 2020, edition, is the most beautiful device ever.

Had my Parrot Bebop 2 stored for a while and just now wanted to start flying it again, but this happened on my second test flight.
Anyone interested in a complete FPV pack, case and 2 high capacity batteries with a broken drone? 😢

Unfortunately I’m not able to find a good use for them.

blew my mind. 🤯 But I feel you need the background of ST:TNG to fully understand it.

Looking forward for the rest of the season. 👍🏼

Tonight is a good night to die.

...just hoping to see a supernova in my lifetime 😔

To keep it simple: I don’t want to know anything more about the Tradfri smart home system.
It’s a bunch of crap. 💩💩💩
Throwing the hub and remotes though the window and I will control the lights only with a smart outlet.

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the most important people for mankind.
Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton.
Where would the world be without Calculus.

May I remind new viewers that the correct timing to view the movies is first episodes IV, V, & VI. Wait 16 years, then I, II, & III. Wait 10 years, and then VII, VIII, & IX. Each episode must be separated by 2 or 3 years.

Since the arrival of touchscreens, I've become a compulsive screen cleaner and fingerpint hater. That's why I don't want a touchscreen in my desktop/laptop computer.

@JPEG Hello. An issue, since updating to the latest Mast, the Home feed shows nothing. On the web has content. Did the logout, uninstall, install, log in, etc. with no luck.

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