The thick sheet you find at the foot of hotel beds are known as beds scarves and are meant to keep the bed clean if someone lies down with their shoes still on

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A watchface based on the @kdecommunity's breeze clock for the #pinetime #Infinitime

looks like a open source mashup ? sounds too good to be true ;)

thanks to @BhushanNShah for inspiring the idea for this !!

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Interested in learning about #RISCV, the open source instruction set architecture? @linuxfoundation & @risc_v have released two free training courses to get your started! @jefro_net @stephano #learnlinux #riscv #embedded #opensource #ittraining #ew21

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2:3 Scale VT100 is a Perfect Pairing for PDP-8/I Replica

When he went shopping for a vintage serial terminal to go along with his reproduction PDP-8/I computer, [Michael Gardi] came down with a bad case of sticker shock. But rather than be discouraged, …

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More impressive work from emard and @GMahovlic , another interesting article from @tomfleet ! This is the Twitter I'm here for. 👍😎

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I just launched the @kdecommunity bot account with KDE community news replicated from twitter

Fire sprinklers don't activate all at once like in the movies - each sprinkler has a mercury vial which cracks when it gets too hot, opening the sprinkler. The change in water pressure triggers the alarm.

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#Fusix is an #Unix-like (libre, LGPL) OS and system developed by Alan Cox (one of the main developers of Linux kernel), that work on 1970's and 80's 8 & 16 bits processors, and now work on #ESP8266 microcontroller too, thanks to the work of Hjalfi. The whole port process work is visible on Youtube and commented (following this link).

Iceberg does not behave the way most people imagine. Try it out for yourself: draw an iceberg an see how it floats.

As a duck, we generally like flocks. Not this one:

“Since FLoC uses your browsing history to assign you to interest-based cohorts, the end result is akin to a super-tracker” says our @KamylBazbaz.

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