my throat feels like nick nolte drinking a glass smoothie and my head feels like someone used it as a tire and i can't smell or hear anything, the good news is that i also have to fast for a blood test and a muscle in my neck locked up, anyway, i hope this is the social media platform for loudly aging in realtime

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It’s me, the author of such favorites as Oedipussy and Icarus 2: Icarus’ Revenge

a monster headache and this pain in my upper back/neck, which could just be my sleeping wrong, but it also could be spinal meningitis, which'd be pretty sweet

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just coughed up what i can only assume is the debris from a late-90s cigarette (winston "no bull" lights: "for when you and camels/marlboros are 'on a break'")

sick as hell so i'm excited about crawling into the shower and feeling like every drop is a freezing and/or scalding needle

thinking about waking up exhausted for the 1,500th consecutive day tomorrow

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Every morning my boss takes out a smith and wesson snub nose revolver and fires a .38 special round directly into my head, piercing my brain casing and killing me instantly but do I stop going to work? no. because I want to do the same to employees of my own some day

enjoying this bottom-right panel of late-medieval painting depicting the courtesans who lure you into hell with their dancing

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booed mercilessly off the stage on karaoke night for trying to recite rudyard kipling's "if" to the tune of "escape (the piña colada song)"

making a mastodon
this is my first mastodon
why can't i see my mastodon
how to post mastodon
mastodon faq
mastodon help


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