@ceejbot @ummjackson I think speed vs perceived speed is the Crux. Super latent is fine if we don't know it's happening.


@reconbot @ummjackson @ceejbot I think I ran into a case where speed vs. perceived speed becomes apparent. When I reply to a toot on another instance, an optimization makes my reply show up immediately; but if I reload, it's not there, and doesn't show up again until it comes back via federation. Which seems to take quite a few minutes.

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@jef @ceejbot @reconbot @ummjackson Boosting can have a similar type of situation - I've seen a couple instances where I've retooted summat but it shows as a 500 status; doing it again has it complain that 'reblog already exists'

@ceejbot @reconbot @ummjackson @jef In this case, reloading did show that the status was appropriately applied.

Kinda fascinating.

@jef I've noticed the same sort of problem with profile changes, like display name or profile pic. It seems to come with the territory for a young, federated system like this.

@reconbot @ummjackson @ceejbot Actually this happens even to plain old local non-reply toots. They show up immediately due to the optimization, but if you reload they are not there until later. If someone favourites the toot, that can show up before the toot itself, which is interesting. Maybe notifications have a different queue?

@ceejbot @ummjackson @jef I think so. We have 3 queues at least.


`-q default -q mailers -q push`

I can't find the job classes so I can only assume. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@reconbot @jef @ummjackson

You're missing a queue! `-q pull` or federation will not work properly.

@ceejbot will this cause some of the replies in a thread to not show up? I'll show you what I mean, hang on. It affects this thread for me on maly.io @reconbot @jef @ummjackson

@ummjackson @jef @reconbot @ceejbot right so this is the end of the thread for me -- even though I've now replied! but to a post not in the thread. (Got to it by the external thread display, copy, paste, search.) Even though I've done this the rest of the thread still isn't displaying. maly.io/media/g7jo4kprDnYOzxXK cc @KindlyFire, we need to find out if this is a universal Mastadon bug or a config thing, and how widespread

@KindlyFire@maly.io @ceejbot @five the little research that I have done into highly latent distributed Networks makes me want to ensure we can have a good experience even if it's super latent

But mainly I think my Android app needs to have local queues for requests and messages

@reconbot Definitely. Moving in and out of connectivity, all sorts of stuff. It's early days. In a couple years we'll be at OStatus 2.0 and there'll be unofficial working groups :grin: @KindlyFire @ceejbot

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