I need to follow more people here. My Mastodon timeline is way too sleepy.

Any recommendations for good accounts to follow? Tech, Art, Photography, Writing, Gaming, or interesting folks of any kind are all welcome. I’m okay with following accounts that post NSFW content as long as they use CWs when posting it.

Would rather avoid accounts that are mostly focused on political content, though. I get way more than enough of that over on Twitter.

Dangit, I keep forgetting about Mastodon even though I like it.

Oddly enough, it was @jack@twitter who reminded me this time...

I kind of fell out of the habit of using Mastodon. Anybody still here? :)

#Politics #45 

I really wish the media would stop talking about the "Trump Bump" to the economy.

There's been no "bump", there's just been a continuation (and gradual slowing) of the trajectory it had been on for six years.

If we need a name for it, a more honest one would be the "Peak of the Obama Mountain."

Man, I hate this time of year. I was all set to head to bed, it had been dark for hours, it was cold...

It was 6:15 PM...

So, is there a federated alternative to Instagram yet?

Just had a painting of a nude Harvey Weinstein pop up in my Twitter feed on my monitor at work and boy does that make me appreciate Mastodon's content warning mechanism...

In 2011 I wrote about owning the content for your brand. This was, of course, about businesses using Facebook as their only web presence. The same rules apply to your personal stuff. Own it. Get it out of silos like Tumblr. iam.fahrni.me/2011/10/01/its-y

#45 #Politics 

My wife this morning: "Trump is an advent calendar of panic".


The filing also puts on record Trump's campaign finance violations for paying off multiple women.


Not a huge amount of completely new information, but Cohen is apparently cooperating with and has provided documents to the New York Attorney General and the NY Dept. of Taxation and Finance in relation to their investigation against Trump, The Trump Foundation, and other family members, as well as another separate investigation the details of which aren't revealed. That means NY has at least 3 potential vectors of attack on Trump in addition to the Special Counsel's investigation.


They do lay it on a little thick at times, but it's understandable. They have a tough job of making Cohen seem sympathetic.

Politics, 45, Cohen 

It's a Friday night and I'm happily reading a court filing for entertainment.

Michael Cohen's attorneys appear to be very good.

This document is not good for DJT.

If you want to play along at home:

I'm really sad about the Fallout 76 reviews. If I had to choose a favorite video game franchise, it'd be Fallout, so I fully expected to spend my Thanksgiving week back in the wasteland, but...

I’m no pollster or statistician, but I don’t think this approach is designed to get accurate and honest feedback. mastodon.social/media/gN6Dn5LJ

I'm the very definition of biased, but that new iPad Pro is something...

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