Man, I hate this time of year. I was all set to head to bed, it had been dark for hours, it was cold...

It was 6:15 PM...

So, is there a federated alternative to Instagram yet?

Just had a painting of a nude Harvey Weinstein pop up in my Twitter feed on my monitor at work and boy does that make me appreciate Mastodon's content warning mechanism...

In 2011 I wrote about owning the content for your brand. This was, of course, about businesses using Facebook as their only web presence. The same rules apply to your personal stuff. Own it. Get it out of silos like Tumblr.

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I'm really sad about the Fallout 76 reviews. If I had to choose a favorite video game franchise, it'd be Fallout, so I fully expected to spend my Thanksgiving week back in the wasteland, but...

I’m no pollster or statistician, but I don’t think this approach is designed to get accurate and honest feedback.

I'm the very definition of biased, but that new iPad Pro is something...

After 9 years working on CF and Foundation, and having finally killed -[NSUserDefaults synchronize], it’s time for me to move on.

Starting very soon I’ll be working on the Swift standard library, with a focus on OS integration and performance.

Also this means that Foundation will soon have an open spot! If you’d like to work on fascinating stuff with wonderful people like @millenomi, please don't hesitate to reach out 😃 Sadly few remote opportunities, what with hardware prototypes and such.

Watched Blade Runner 2049 for the... fifth? time.

It still bothers me this movie wasn't more commercially successful. Such a beautifully shot movie.

I really didn't think they should do a sequel. I thought there's no way they could do it well.

I was wrong. After all these watchings, I only have two relatively minor complaints about the film.

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How to Register to Vote: Deadlines for Each State - The New York Times


Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for the midterm elections.



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