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Me: I would like to be a better person

Therapist: In what ways might you like to be better so we can work on those

Me: First of all, how dare you,


9/11, US imperialism 

9/11 is coming up, which means i'm legally obligated to point out 9/11 here in chile is a different tragedy & also important

the 11th of september is when the chilean right wing (funded by the US gov.) bombed our gov. building, killed our democratically elected socialist president, gutted the welfare state & enacted martial law

followed by 17 years of a violent fascist dictatorship in which at least 3k people died, 40k were victimized and half of the country was traumatized

reading 1491 

Maize can’t reproduce itself, because its kernels are securely wrapped in the husk, so Indians must have developed it from some other species. But there are no wild species that resemble maize. Its closest genetic relative is a mountain grass called teosinte that looks strikingly different—for one thing, its “ears” are smaller than the baby corn served in Chinese restaurants. No one eats teosinte, because it produces too little grain to be worth harvesting. In creating modern maize from this unpromising plant, Indians performed a feat so improbable that archaeologists and biologists have argued for decades over how it was achieved.

Anyway, if you're lucky enough to have an 8 hour workday and a weekend, thank a union member. Regardless, remember the people who fought for democracy in the workplace and were often maimed and murdered for it.

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Like, in An American Tail, when the Mousekewitzes are singing "there are no cats in America," the cats they are fleeing are those same Cossacks (actually cats that belong to the Cossacks). Of course, being based on Russian Jews, they were specifically fleeing pogroms.

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Happy Labor Day!

Something that's been clunking around in my head lately is the 1906 Windber, PA Strike. In particular people who flew from persecution by the Russian Tsarist Cossacks only to find here in the US the Pennsylvania State Police were essentially the same thing, even down to being mounted on horseback. They literally called them Cossacks.

US Politics 

Periodic reminder that the acting secretary of DHS is named Chad Wolf

What happens when you put a large cucumber in with guinea pigs? Exactly what you'd expect.*

*they all try dragging it to their own corner.

US Politics 

Republicans: let's shut down the post office in the middle of a pandemic to defeat our enemies, the Democrats

Democrats: let's make some uncomfortable mouth noises about this and have a Republican speak at our national convention

But computer is special, because it's a number-prophetess (tölva,) and not a machine.

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Here's my guest blog post about the difference between going to Hamilton live with no audio description and watching it on Disney+ now with it.

Having just been writing academically about audio description these last few weeks, I enjoyed getting to write about the emotional and personal side of the subject.

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