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Me: I would like to be a better person

Therapist: In what ways might you like to be better so we can work on those

Me: First of all, how dare you,

the boys are back in town, but not only has the town been irreversibly changed, so too have the boys. the boys can never truly return to town.

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for the last few days in my free time i have been working on a binary exploitation helper for rust because I despise python, i have it to a point where its actually useful.



it supports:

helpers for IO (including turning a stream to interactive)
runtime int packing
compile time int packing via macros
compile time byte operations (i.e b’A’ * 0x29) via macros
runtime byte operations

things I want to add:

Executable parsing
Local process management
Visualization of glibc heap chunks via unicorn

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Piracy is a principled moral stance against censorship, against greed, and for the public good, and I think people should be more proud to pirate things

What's a volcanic chicken's favorite dessert? 


What's your primary OS?

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Labor Day reminder: Nabisco workers are striking to *not* have to work 12-hour days, including weekends, without overtime pay.

What if we put a smurf's head on top of Mega Man X's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

"The concept of "carbon footprint" was coined by an advertising firm working for British Petroleum to shift the focus for climate action onto individuals."

oh yeah? would a depressed person do this? *writes 1/3 of a Lisp compiler*

The perspectives I trust most these days proceed from the left-Luddite questions: what is this technology *really* for? Who does it truly serve? If it becomes clear that it harms the world, does it deserve continued existence?

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Nice mini-site from Alvy Ray Smith, one of the cofounders of Pixar, debunking a lot of the myths about Steve Jobs' involvement in the company.

TLDR; he was a very useful investor for them but the idea that his "vision" shaped the company is incorrect. Around the time Toy Story was poised to be a hit, he positioned himself to *look* like a visionary.

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