Happy Labor Day!

Something that's been clunking around in my head lately is the 1906 Windber, PA Strike. In particular people who flew from persecution by the Russian Tsarist Cossacks only to find here in the US the Pennsylvania State Police were essentially the same thing, even down to being mounted on horseback. They literally called them Cossacks.

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Like, in An American Tail, when the Mousekewitzes are singing "there are no cats in America," the cats they are fleeing are those same Cossacks (actually cats that belong to the Cossacks). Of course, being based on Russian Jews, they were specifically fleeing pogroms.

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Anyway, if you're lucky enough to have an 8 hour workday and a weekend, thank a union member. Regardless, remember the people who fought for democracy in the workplace and were often maimed and murdered for it.

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