uspol, actually decent news feed 

The PBS NewsHour live stream is pretty good, they have Yamiche Alcindor on right now speaking some good stuff


oh fuck. unconfirmed reports on TV of someone being shot in the Capitol


"reports that people are rummaging through Senators' desks" (PBS)


Just watched some dudes use a police shield to break through a window at the capitol and climb in


hahahaha PBS anchor just accidentally revealed an off-the-record source, a high up military official whose name and position I did not catch

uspol, twitter photo 

Yamiche is back on the PBS feed, always worth tuning in for her

uspol, gun violence 

Friend-of-friend in the neighborhood of the Capitol building reporting shots fired outside her home, "Proud Boys are roaming around with guns, and the police said lots of similar calls are coming in"

uspol, twitter video 

@jeffcutsinger not to split hairs but I'm from DC and that looks like the Lincoln Memorial

uspol, twitter video 

@darius Well, it's important. Maybe it's misleading, but it doesn't say the Capitol *building* in the tweet. And arguably that makes it worse since the Memorial isn't a seat of power. But point well taken.

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