@triz I used to install Windows 98 stripped-down to the point it didn't have IE installed, so I'd ftp in to mozilla.org and download phoenix/firebird/firefox

While dreaming last night, I came up with an idea: NullCoin. A cryptocurrency where you can spend a coin either to deposit *or remove* a coin to/from someone else's wallet.

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US Politics 

youtube views and instagram likes has really skewed with our perception of audience size. so many things arent considered a success unless they crack 100k or 1mil and like ????

a sold out game at Dodger Stadium is 56k seats

a sold out game at the Staples Center, 20k seats

The Greek Theater 5,800 seats

Orpheum Theater 2,000 seats

El Rey theater 200 seats

like.. even if you arent pulling a mil, there's still entire crammed buildings worth of people looking at your content

@Quixote171 This is probably true, but I have faith it will be a beautiful wide swath in utter disarray

What if we put Homer Simpson's head on top of Frog's body! 

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