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@gamehawk Democrats have such an incredible aversion to wielding power, it's so frustrating

Probably my worst and most unpopular opinion: Ice Ice Baby is a better song than Under Pressure

Google can rest assured that I am NEVER pressing this second button

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192 Republican house members just voted against money to help feed babies. Just 12 voted for.

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The other side is the side saying that you can fully be a woman without those parts; i.e., that being a woman is something different from having a random collection of organs! How do you have this level of cognitive dissonance?

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So a popular/respected news magazine (unnamed to not direct traffic their way) published an article with this quote: "something is lost when abortion-rights activists shy away from saying women. We lose the ability to talk about women as more than a random collection of organs, bodies that happen to menstruate or bleed or give birth."

Like, what? You are literally advocating people to use the word woman as a synecdoche for that set of organs.

PSA: Kitchen fire safety
1) NEVER put water on a kitchen fire. Water will boil, launching oil droplets in the air. Those droplets will catch & spread the fire, making it much, much worse.
2) Get a fire extinguisher and keep it in your kitchen! This is always the best option if a fire starts.
3) If you don't have a fire extinguisher, cover the fire to suffocate it.
4) If you can't cover it and you have baking soda (NOT baking powder), you can throw that on the flame.

Two more true statements:

* Ukraine has every right to defend itself and we should hope they are victorious in this.

* At least some of, and probably most of, the soldiers Putin has sent into this conflict are little more than children pressed into a conflict they don't understand. Their deaths are yet another tragedy of this war, and celebrating them is deranged.

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Two more true statements:

* Vladimir Putin is undeniably the aggressor in his war on Ukraine, and there is no valid justification for it.

* NATO & the EU expanding into former Soviet territory was a reckless provocation. If they hadn't done this, there might be peace in Ukraine right now.

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Two true statements:

* What's happening in Ukraine is horrible and deserves attention.

* The fact that everyone is talking about it nonstop after 7 years of virtual radio silence on Yemen is white supremacy, plain and simple.

Just to be clear, my current profile name means that I want to end IP restrictions on Covid vaccines so the global south can start ramping up production and get more people vaccinated, faster. This is an essential step to ending the pandemic.

The Biden administration continues to oppose this common-sense step in practice, dooming millions to needless death and suffering.

I am pro-vaccine and always have been; I am vaccinated & boosted. This is a privilege I want to extend to everyone.

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