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Anytime we talk about curtailing fossil fuels, it's expected we spend roughly half of that time talking about how that might impact coal miners. But the moment they go on strike and start making demands of the fossil fuel industry, it's just crickets. It's almost like the former is just concern trolling to protect the fossil fuel industry.

truly the similarities between the ultimate villains of the dc and marvel franchises says something about the deeply human fear of a large purple man

I think I've never been more forcibly struck than today with the realisation that today's Web developers have never used 1980s BASIC systems and just have no awareness that computers used to be things you could both use and program interactively, in the same session.

We've deprived an entire couple generations of children of a basic formative mind-expanding experience of cognitive freedom, and now they're making tools that restrict other people's thought lives and see nothing wrong with that.

@GoatsLive @gamehawk microwaving is better for high quality black tea because it heats up the mug in addition to the water. I will die on this hill.

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Been good to watch the fever break now that Trump is gone


'Tucker Carlson tonight, mocking Biden for saying the January 6 insurrection was worst attack on our country since Civil War: "Really? The worst attack on our democracy in 160 years? How about the Immigration Act of 1965?"'

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Ralph Northam is still governor of Virginia. Matt Gaetz is going to keep his seat.

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"Last April, detainees also held a peaceful protest, stemming from the center not providing sufficient personal protective equipment to avoid the spread of Covid-19, according to the report. The facility responded by deploying chemical agents from the ceiling"

The concentration camps we run apparently have the ability to "[deploy] chemical agents from the ceiling"

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cooooooooooool

Folks, let's keep the spirit of April Fool's Day all through the year. Every time you see a post, think "is someone trying to fool me?" rather than uncritically accepting it

@gamehawk when I got my wisdom teeth out, I distinctly remember they were playing Ants Marching by Dave Matthews band and hearing the lyrics "sleeping under the table and dreaming" as I was going under

@darius a few tips if you find yourself in that situation: if you are looking for something compatible with a little less of the black-boxness, you can use podman. With either you can use --network=host, --network=none, or --network=ns:/var/lib/ns/your-own-ns to prevent network shenanigans. Or you could do the equivalent of "bare metal" and use crun directly.

you: kubernetes
me: kumber number
you: kubernetes
me: kaba natasa
you: k u b e r n e t e s
me: krooby nooby

Pui Pui Molcar is a very silly, very cute stop-motion cartoon about guinea pig cars:

Each episode is only about two and a half minutes long; you can watch all the Pui Pui Molcar released so far in under 20 minutes. And there's no dialogue, so you don't have to worry about translation. :)

Can someone help with this mystery clue
I got all the letters but one, and I can't figure out what would match "very funny" here

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