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This is going to end with Disney owning the copyright to the US Constitution isn't it

Newsblur has a bug with some feeds where it picks the wrong preview image and sometimes ... is good

What if we put a chaingun on top of a dragon's body! 


advice from user `maryamin` on twitter re: Iran/US missile strikes (translation and link in reply) 

"I'm having trouble sleeping, so I'll get on my device and obsess over the Iran news until I get tired"

- me, a very smart and rational person

love too live in a country that does a murder to start a war

What if we put Wario's head on top of Raphael's body! 

What if a Star Trek spinoff just about Data and his cat?

What if we put Boogerman's head on top of a salaryman's body! 

"If I put this in a weird spot then I'll be forced to remember where I put it" - Me, about to lose something forever.

What if we put Scrooge McDuck's head on top of Crono's body! 

At my funeral
Casket gets escorted up the aisle for visitation
Stops in the front, there's a moment of somber silence
Chumbawamba's Tubthumping starts playing
The casket slowly starts to open
Crowd goes wild
A sign pops up and says "jk i am actually dead 4 real", music stops

[extremely jack twitter dopamine fasting under a waterfall voice] what if we put harassment on the blonckchain

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