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The store had dandelion greens again so the piggies are happy.

They like to eat next to each other. You might even call it a "dandy line." #GuineaPig

Pep talk 

What if, when people say you're great, you could realize that:

Rather than not seeing you completely and assuming you're better than you are, they ARE seeing all the times you're not perfect, and yet the *overall* feeling they have about you is that you're great

US Politics 

US Gov't: We'd like to make healthcare slightly easier to get


US Gov't: We're going to send federal agents in unmarked vans to kidnap our political enemies

Republicans: Actually this is good, to me

If I were a consistent data store in the midst of a network partition I would simply be available

You know it's that gooood software when you have to install X virtual framebuffer to run it headless


Corgis, one of the most adorable dog breeds (shut up, they objectively are) are believed to be of the Fae in welsh mythology.

The name itself is old welsh for "Dog of the dwarfs"

Welsh legends tells that the breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi were used by the fairies of Tywyth Teg the same way as humans used horses; as steeds and to pull carts and plows.

They legend says humans gained corgis when 2 children stumbled upon the funeral procession of a fairy warrior. As the children showed proper deference and manners they were awarded the warrior's 2 steeds to help on their farm.

It is said if your cogi often bites people then you should put a collar containing a bit of iron or steel on it will tame the fae dog.

#folklore #dogsOfMastodon #corgi #welsh #fae #fairies

The unfortunate truth is that I simply cannot tell you to whom to sock it

If I'm ever a crime boss and John Wick is after me, I'm telling my henchmen they get 1 gun and 1 bullet. None of this kill one, grab their gun, shoot the rest stuff.

Writing some batch files and they seem to be picking up file changes _during execution_. Like, within the same line. Absolutely wild.

No Twitter ❌ The world has progressed past the need for Twitter

“Hearing-centric design in video chat apps”

Comparing Discord, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Houseparty, Jitsi Meet, Skype, Zoom.

In general: cropping, chat overlays affected ASL. Captions meh. Screen sharing kills video feed.

Is it just me or has VirtualBox gotten so bad as to be unusable?

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