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a better new year to everyone.
it's fucking hard, i know.

If you're not watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street what even are you doing


what regular people think got me out of homelessness: a job

what actually got me out of homelessness: a job, a free place to sleep, access to donated food everyday, the ability to cook food for myself, individual and group therapy, a financial advisor, a private savings account to put my money in that i could only access for important stuff, clothing donations, a shelter that allowed me to smoke and drink as long as it stayed outside the property, creative outlets, regular outings-

Y’all my mother in law got a new puppy and omg. Her name is Poppy.

Nobody reads or will ever read my posts, making them the purest form of art

The fact that there are possums and opossums points to the existence of an as-yet-undiscovered oopossum

Flashback to late last year, when Thalia and Clio were still babies #GuineaPig

Thinking about how virtually all of the mass of a plant is made up of carbon and other elements taken from the atmosphere, so a certain definition for "plant" could be "a chemical process that causes air to solidify when exposed to sunlight"


We're never going to stop hearing about how Biden "stole" this election, are we?

I don't think they're going to pull off a coup with these tactics, but all of this is going to be folded into the right-wing grievance machine. From day one they are going to be calling Biden an illegitimate president and using that to stir up resistance to whatever policy he might try to enact.


Hello from Minneapolis right now, in front of the police department’s 3rd Precinct, which was burned down following the police killing of George Floyd.



Anyway, it doesn't matter, because we're already disenfranchised past the point of return in terms of electoral politics. And who knows, maybe Trump & Barr will figure out a way to steal this one. It certainly won't be for lack of trying.

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